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Claim against Surrey Police for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution with damages agreed at £27,000

Just before Christmas 2018, Surrey Police had occasion to stop our client’s younger brother and called our client to attend with her mother in order to collect the vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer claimed that our teetotal client was under the influence and suspected that she was not fit to drive the car. She was breathalysed and when this showed as clear, the officer said that he was not going to release the car after all. An altercation followed during which our client was assaulted, including the attempted deployment of pava spray at point blank range. Our client was then prosecuted for assaulting the officer. In evidence at the trial the officer gave outlandish explanations for why they felt that it was necessary to seize the car and use force against our client. She was acquitted by the jury and then brought proceedings against Surrey Police.