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Possession of Firearms and Licensing

Charges involving illegal, unlicensed firearms can be very serious, with the maximum sentence in some cases being life imprisonment. To ensure you receive expert knowledge and advice, contact MK Law for experienced and skilled lawyers.

Firearms offences are incredibly serious offences, most carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years or life in prison. Due to this, they may also invoke the dangerous offender provisions, allowing for extended sentences.

Possession of a firearm without a certificate is itself a serious offence, however there are a number of alternative offences available depending on the circumstance of the possession including:

  • Possession with intent endanger life;
  • Possession with intent to cause fear of violence;
  • Carrying a firearm or imitation firearm in a public place;
  • Adapting or converting a firearm;
  • Trespassing with a firearm or imitation firearm.

Other offences relating to firearms and ammunition include the manufacturing and supply of illegal firearms or ammunition, all of which can attract a lengthy prison sentence.

If you are accused of a Firearms offence, you should seek legal advice immediately.

It is vital that you receive the best advice possible and provide as much detail of the facts of your case as you can to ensure the right result for you.

MK Law is on hand to help you through all stages of the process.

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