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Defendant charged with Actual Bodily Harm at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

The defendant appeared on bail and it was  alleged he had attended a McDonalds to meet the complainant, his wedding planner who had failed to properly organise he and his wife’s big day.

They met to discuss refunds and ongoing grievances with his service. After the conversation got heated between them, the defendant picked the complainant from his seat by his neck, repeatedly punched him to the face, took him to the floor, kicked him in the face repeatedly and bent down and punched him to the head and face, whilst still on the floor. Members of the public had to intervene to make attempts to stop the defendant. He sustained bruises to the face and head, broken teeth, sustained headaches and damage to his jaw.

He pleaded guilty at the first appearance and the Court placed the offence in Category 2, facing an immediate custodial sentence. However, due to his extensive mitigation, he received just a £175 fine.