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Jan 2023


In all honesty! I highly recommend MK Law.

I was in a place where I thought all odds were against me, but Shashi Jaulimsing came and changed that completely.

The professionalism and candid support from Shashi, all through out my case, helped take a lot of stress off me. Any query that I had, he showed genuine attentiveness and was very respectful to any information given. In addition, he was prompt with responding to emails and very informative. His guidance from beginning to end showed me that there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.

I had an amazing outcome, and I will be forever thankful! Thank you MK Law.

No better law firm in London. Wasn’t being handled correctly by a previous law firm until i was recommended to MK law by a family friend. Emma Lewis was so helpful and got me the best possible outcome. So grateful for her hard work and compassion. Would highly recommend MK law firm and would like to say a big thanks again to Emma again for being so helpful !
I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and the support I received from Mk Law, especially Natasha. I’d like to thank her and the firm once again such an amazing team.
Malisha Knights and Jon Melody helped me achieve a suspended sentence on a very difficult case I’m very grateful and I could not recommend MK Law enough thanks guys and I hope I don’t see you again in the best possible way 🙂
I’d like to thank Emma & Francesca for all their hard work which made a miracle happen. I appreciate their help and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

December 2022


Top Top law firm

MK Law handled a case I was involved in & the service was fantastic. I was constantly kept informed and was able to call up and get further information immediately.


Duncan Burtwell was amazing for me throughout the entire process. I was amazed with how professional he was whilst also having an understanding of the psychological effects of the case keeping me grounded throughout.

An excellent firm! Definitely recommend mk law as a firm. Thank you for making justice, your hard work Sarah and John, i appreciate so much all what you did all the best in the foreseeable 🙂


I’ve recently had a common Assault charge which I had to attend court ,I’ve never been in trouble with the police before so was very scared and unprepared for the outcome, The guys at MK Law were amazing especially Oliver Dean who was with me from day one from my arrest to attending court ,He is completely professional and down the earth and easy to talk too as well as all his colleagues @MKLaw .I would highly recommend MK Law Solicitors to anyone who is in need of a good Law firm MK Law has many years of experience and a great team of solicitors.


10/10 and highly recommend.

From the very start I was represented by “DPP Law” for my first offense at the magistrate court who gave me so much rushed information that I didn’t understand anything in a space of 15mins before being Infront of the judge. (They advised me wrong which made everything complicated)

Moving forward “DPP Law decided to drop me because I made “too much money” and don’t qualify for ‘Legal Aid’

After looking around and being exhausted of hearing people telling me they won’t be able to take my case because of XYZ, MK law was the only firm that said they will be able to take my case and they knew exactly what Outcome that I will be having and who sounded promising.

I would like to thank ‘Ieva Rasimaite’ for breaking down everything about Law that I had fuckall knowledge about and sending me draft letters to keep of everything that was said after every telephone call and keeping me in the loop of everything that was going on with my case and I wish her the very best.

I would like to thank Oliver Dean for taking over ‘Ieva Rasimaite’ during her leave and reassuring me and having conference calls with my barrister before my hearing over a short period of time and remaining professional even when he was off duty leading to my sentencing (which had a good outcome)

Also thank you to Manisha Knights for joining me in a conference call for reassurance to a lead up to one of many hearings and believing me and stating that I am a good character of this whole mess that I got myself in to.

As I said 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

November 2022


Needed urgent advice and Mr Allie called and gave me a detailed explanation of what to do and what to expect. I’m so grateful for ur advice and sacrifice.


Highly recommend MKLaw, Manisha was amazing , felt so reassured by her and results was NFA due to mistaken identity!!!


Firstly I want thank Manish for her support and great legal representation, she’s very thorough when in Court leaves no Stone unturned in order to get the best outcome for her client. Thank you MK Law your services are much Appreciated.
Joanna uter and Family


John mellodey from mk law was really good he represented my son and i couldnt of asked for better service and better legal representation he is totally upfront and wil tel you the truth how it is no messing about he is the sort of solicitor you want on speed dial 😁 thank you john i very much appreciate all your help

October 2022


Solicitors came across as very caring and they’ve taken an interest as of what I had to say. I couldn’t fault then in any way and I got a good outcome


First off, I would like to thank Manisha herself for supporting me throughout the entirety of my case. From the very first day I got in contact with them, till today- the day I got acquited, I cannot fault her.

The entire firm has dealt with my case very diligently and I have felt at ease throughout my ordeal. It has been a very long two years awaiting this day, but I’m highly grateful this was the firm to see me through.

James Hasslacher, my barrister also done an outstanding job within this time, and I also cannot thank him enough. With my trial continuously extending, he stuck through with me and my family and saw me through. We couldn’t have done this without him. Putting in the hard work, continuously throughout the 5 weeks of trial. Dedicating his time towards me and my family, coming back and forth for my trial at the expense of his own personal time and family life. Travelling to and from London each week.

Both Manisha & James have been available whenever I’ve needed them, around the clock. Always ready to assist, support and guide me, having been my first time ever needing any kind of legal help.

I never intend on being in a position where I’d require legal help of this kind ever again, but I would gladly recommend them any day.

Thank you so much MK Law, you have been outstanding. Me & my family cannot thank you enough. The best law firm going !


Nothing else comes to my mind, but a 1000x THANK YOU!

I run into MK Law Solicitors while standing in a traffic. I saw their car and immediately reached for my phone to take a picture, knowing that I am researching solicotrs for my partner, who got a way too harsh sentence for his offence.

MK-Law are helpful, kind and professional. Me and my partner felt respected and under great care.
Oliver Dean was very kind, informative and kept us in a positive, but realistic mood.
Francessca Hallett is a go getter! She was so fierce, but comforting at the same time! My partner told me he actually got scared of her at first impression xD, but was very impressed with her when he saw her in action (me too tbh).
The whole case was received by Lauryn Lindo-Hutchinson who very quickly got things going for us.

I am now united with my partner and our 5 year old son is so happy his daddy is back home. We were let down by the Tuckers Solicitors (Legal Aid), the whole experience was unfortunately very disappointing. What MK-Law did for us is what the previous solicitor should have done from the very beginning!

One more time, THANK YOU Lauryn, Oliver and Francessca. You guys are great and we wish you all the best!


Great Service Oliver and Alex really got me out of serious problems. I owe them from start till the end they were there for the all the way
Many thanks Guys.
MK Law Solicitors 100% I recommend

September 2022


Couldn’t recommend anybody better than MK Law!

Received top communication and help through out everything. Thank you Manisha


Jonathan Mellody and Francesa Halley from MK Law in Bromley have fully supported my son and the rest of the family through my sons recent trail .

Over the past few years both MK staff members , Francesa and Jonathan have been so helpful, answering all our questions, explaining procedures to us , recapping information when asked, I’m just so thankful we had staff that cared about us.

Furthermore, when we did ring up the MK office with questions the staff on the other end of the phone were understanding and patient.

I would highly recommend MK Law to anyone who needed a Solicitors service.

August 2022


Extremely pleased with the help I received. Highly recommended.

July 2022


Big thanks to Manisha Knight! Has been involved in both of my cases and helped me get the best outcome possible. Could not stress enough how good she is. If your in a pickle I recommend you give her a call. Big shoutout to Johnathan mellody aswell for my case handling, always had the information I needed and always reassured me if I had any worries.


We used MK Law for my brother who was fighting a criminal case. Naturally as a family we were all on edge and our brother kept expressing his innocence and was facing quite a sentence if found guilty. Through MK Law we were assigned Alison and she is truly one of the most experienced solicitors I have dealt with, very to the point no legal jargon, if she said she was going to get something done she would. We were kept up to date with the case and all changes. She fought my brothers behalf to ensure he was treated fairly demanding the prosecution be transparent and do their jobs correctly and efficiently. Due to her chasing and being on the ball my brother ultimately was found not guilty. As a family we are so grateful for her help and perseverance in ensuring all evidence was collected or lack of evidence in this situation. Would recommend to anyone in a situation. MK Law will not let you down they will do their very best.


Very prompt at offering an initial meeting within a very short timeframe
Clear, concise and informative
Friendly yet professional
Leva was great and should we require a solicitor again we would not hesitate to contact her or MK Law.

June 2022


I am lost for words as to how amazing my solicitor Shashi Jaulimsing has been throughout my case. He never gave up on me and fought to the end to the case finalised. I will be forever grateful and thoroughly recommend MK Law 100%

May 2022


An excellent and efficient service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of legal advice.

April 2022


Oliver and Francesca done a wonderful job ! Very professional and good people 👍 thanks again , Jamie 🙏


A friend recommended MK Law to me as I got myself in to a pickle, and what a great recommendation that was!
Ieva managed my case seamlessly, kept me well informed, and reassured me of any worries I had.
I feel very fortunate in terms of the outcome of my case and hold the utmost gratitude for the MK Law team’s efforts.
Thank you for all your hard work Ieva and team!

March 2022


Brilliant service from Alex from start to finish. Proactive and efficient, He was always contactable and approachable, responded promtly to any questions, and got in touch with me with any correspondence. and was always honest with me throughout. Couldnt have asked for a better legal representative.


We are so happy with the positive outcome and Outstanding service provided. Manisha was very professional and reassuring throughout and Alex Rynn was just brilliant in Court – cannot thank MK Law enough – would definitely recommend them.


From the first time I contacted Mk law they have always been there. 100% reliable always respond back to me on the day. Always turnt up to interviews on time or early and always took the lead gave good advice.
Should I ever need a solicitor I will always use manisha knights have managing director at Mk law.
Thank you guys


I was represented by Sarah Wilson. I have dealt with many solicitors however Sarah is not only professional but precise and tactical, she has a very unqiue way of putting the case forward. I highly recommend her to all as she is an assett to MK Law.
Job well done Sarah…:).
I also want to say great thanks to Tom Gregson who was the case worker and provided excellent ground for the case.

Unknown Pker

If I could give 10 stars I would. I was charged with some very serious cases that would of landed me in deep water if It wasent for MK LAW Jonathan Mellody my case manager absolute professional and expert promised me no jail time and stuck true to his word. Samantha Gilmoure did a fantastic job and bailed me out of custody, barrister James Hasslacher did a great job assisting dropping the most serious cases I had and finally Manisha Knights who defended me on my final crown court sentencing miss Knights did an amazing job she was extremely advanced, passionate and expertised in her skills in criminal law that she managed to secure for me a very lenient penalty the final outcome was an even higher success then I expected I would highly recommend Miss Knights to defend you in serious court matters and I would highly recommend MK LAW team for all legal problems.

February 2022


Excellent. Manisha was especially notable for keeping cool through tough times. And Vikki, Sarah, Sunita and James.

MK Law have a very strong team and I had great support throughout the firm.

At first, I wasn’t sure, but after the breathtaking victory, I would recommend them to others.


All i can say is that Ieva Rasimaite was Amazing, Professional solicitor, Excellent.
I cannot thank her enough for the support she provided, she has always been there to help me in anyway possible and very quick responses, without her kind help, I would have been severely stuck


M.k Law is brilliant their work is very professional And I would highly recommend them 100%. Thanks to Ieva Rasimaite due to her professionalism and to David Prosser he was brilliant.


Having no experience of solicitors before, we felt in safe hands with Kirsti Green from the very beginning. Everything was explained clearly and she made sure that we understood everything at each step of the proceedings and all the options available. Kirsti replied promptly with great care and understanding. Three words to describe Kirsti’s approach would be sensitive, pragmatic and diligent.


Having not had much experience with solicitors, I can honestly say Oliver Dean is extremely informative and honest with his advice. I can not thank this firm enough and Oliver for keeping us up to date with our case. I would highly recommend this firm, especially Mr Oliver Dean for his expertise honesty and detailed knowledge of the law and how it applied to our case. Thank you and all the best.


Sunitta was absolutely amazing
Would highly recommend her
She explained it to the core
And gave it her all
Can’t thank her enough

January 2022


Very amazing team always there to help and gives you great comfort with how situations are dealt with. Manisha is very supportive and always a phone calll away!


Emilio Pagliocchini Represented me yesterday from MK law and I have to say he was absolutely brilliant I’ve had quite a few court case is over the years and I have to say he is one of the best hands down thank you very much also big thank you to Senita Elliott she also was amazing I highly recommended MK law many thanks once again


MK Law represented by autistic son in a case which the prosecution were determined to pursue in that riding an e-scooter whilst on a driving ban, we challenged this case for nearly nine months and its thanks to the hard work of Kat (paralegal) and David Prosser that the case was eventually thrown out by the prosecution on the basis of defence representations prepared by Kat. It was wonderful in that we were trying to obtain a medical report through the Dr surgery with no success and Kat managed to arrange this and submit to the court and get a positive outcome.