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Derek Barry’s client found not guilty at Croydon Crown Court of administering poison to her husband

The defendant was charged under section 24 of the offence against the person Act 1861, after a two day trial at Croydon Crown Court the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

The client was a mother-of-three who was accused of trying to poison her husband with drugs in his chilli con carne, the jurors took less than 40 minutes to find her not guilty.

Jonathan Mellody acted as solicitor for the defendant, with… Read more >

Robert Rye secures murder acquittal

Following an eight week trial at The Old Bailey Robert Rye's client was acquitted of murder and conspiracy to rob. This was a high profile case involving 5 defendants, 4 of whom were charged with… Read more >

Hatton Garden Raid

Hesham Puri represents two defendants charged in the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid, the largest burglary in British legal history.
Jewellery and valuables worth an estimated £24 million were stolen when a "sophisticated" and meticulously planned… Read more >