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Robin Ghosh


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Robin is a highly experienced criminal advocate with 16 years’ experience in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. His impressive record of successful outcomes and satisfied clients is built on his firm belief that the route to effective advocacy stems from meticulous preparation.

Robin believes in transparency and clarity and offers every client a comprehensive analysis of the case against them and the strengths and weakness of their own position. Such advice is set out in clear, concise, jargon-free and non-patronizing terms to ensure that his clients fully understand the choices available to them and can be steered in the right direction.

Robin’s reputation as a robust and often uncompromising defence lawyer is built on his dedication to every case. Friendly and approachable, Robin firmly establishes trust and confidence with his clients throughout the life of their case.

He has defended in numerous Crown and Magistrates’ Court cases in London and the Southern circuit, including the Old Bailey and regularly receives instructions throughout the UK.

Robin represents those charged with serious crime and less serious matters which he treats with equal gravitas.

Notable Cases:

R v M (2019) – Defended a man accused of serious public disorder following England’s success during the 2018 World Cup. It was clear at the outset that the police had charged the wrong person. His client was found not guilty.

R v E (2018) – Defended a man charged with S.18 GBH accused of perforating the victim’s skull with a hammer after a dispute over parking. At trial following careful preparation and detailed cross-examination, his client was unanimously found not guilty.

R v TM (2018) – Defended a woman at Crown Court who was working at TX Maxx and was accused of fraud, involving alleged insider dealing. The jury returned a not guilty verdict.

R v A (2018) – Defended a man charged with possession of a firearm carrying a minimum statutory 5 year prison sentence. There were only a handful of previous reported cases where that 5 year minimum term was avoided. Robin persuaded the court that his client’s position deserved separate recognition from the standard 5 year prison term. His client avoid prison and instead received a 2 year suspended sentence.

R v D (2017) – Defended a young man charged with gross negligence manslaughter at the Old Bailey where following a police chase he collided with 5 pedestrians killing 2, including a child. The Crown Prosecution Service pursued a life sentence, which was successfully avoided despite intense media interest.

R v C (2018) – Defended a middle-aged man with no previous convictions who was charged with carrying a knife which he said he had found and was going to hand in to the police. The jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict.

R v H (2018) – Defended a man who was charged with refusing to provide a breath specimen after being suspected of drink driving. The prosecution considered this to be a ‘slam-dunk’ conviction however failed to appreciate an absent technicality in their evidence, which was exposed by Robin at trial. His client was found not guilty.

R v R (2018) – Defended a man accused of domestic violence. Evidence disclosed following a successful legal argument demonstrated that the complainant had a history of making false accusations. Robin’s client was found not guilty.

R v J (2016) – Defended a young man charged with possession with intent to supply of over 2 kilos of cannabis. Detailed expert analysis demonstrated that the cannabis was not of marketable quality and the prosecution accepted a charge of simple possession for his personal use.