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Shuaib Saeed

Solicitor Advocate

DDI: 02037945729

Mobile: 07484023031


Shuaib has excelled as a higher court advocate on the criminal circuit through his outstanding expertise in crime and unflinching ability to achieve the best results for his clients.

His specialities include high profile drugs cases, firearms, murder, sexual offences, terrorism, complex fraud and money laundering. He is involved in representing clients from the police station through to the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court as the litigator and the advocate.

Shuaib’s portfolio includes dealing with international cases involving Human Trafficking and Child Abduction. He has expertly handled cases involving the importation of multi-million pounds worth of counterfeit goods into the UK from Asia, and large-scale tax evasion and duty fraud spanning from Europe to the Middle East.

Shuaib works on the premise that protecting the rights of those without a voice whilst thriving to achieve the best outcome by leaving no stone unturned, is the key to providing first class representation. He will unveil every weakness in the prosecution case and equip his client with the best possible criminal defence.

He has built a reputation for being meticulous in the preparation of his cases and bold when representing his clients in court.

Shuaib is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.


R v CJS – Acted as litigator for client acquitted of Murder but convicted of Manslaughter in a case where the evidence appeared to be overwhelmingly in favour of the prosecution.

R v TB  – Acted as litigator in a Rape case involving an allegation that a 57 year old male had raped a 21 year old girl after picking her up outside a nightclub whilst taxi touting.  The client was acquitted by the Jury.

R v CB – Acted as litigator in Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs case involving 40 Defendants at Norwich Crown Court. The client pleaded guilty to the offence but after putting forward considerable mitigation was sentenced to only 28 months imprisonment in contrast to the other defendants who received more than 5 years.

R v AH  – Acted as litigator for client charged with Rape and Sexual Assault.  It was alleged that he invited two girls back to his home after a night out and raped one and sexually assaulted the other.  Both Complainants gave evidence and following a trial the client was acquitted of both charges.  Careful analysis of the CCTV in the bar prior to the girls attending the client’s home was crucial to his acquittal.

R v MA (and Others) – Instructed as advocate for client charged with Actual Bodily Harm with the use of weapons including a hammer against a male.  Following a trial 3 of the clients were acquitted and 1 was convicted of ABH.  After putting forward mitigation and highlighting the inconsistencies in the evidence given by the Complainant in his evidence the client who was convicted of ABH was given a 2 year conditional discharge.

R v BS – Acted as litigator for client, a prominent professional British boxer, was acquitted of 8 counts relating to a variety of Sexual Offences against a girl under 13 following trial.

R v MY – Acted as litigator in case involving a Chinese woman who used her furniture business to export millions of pounds worth of counterfeit handbags into the UK by concealing them inside furniture.  It was estimated she had exported around 10 million pounds worth of counterfeit goods into the UK but she was acquitted following trial.