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Timothy Green

Timothy Green

Barrister [2007]

Tim is one of MK Law’s highly respected barristers. He is a specialist criminal trial advocate who deploys a scrupulous and robust approach to every case. He is experienced in defending serious and complex criminal allegations involving violence, firearms, fraud and sexual offences.

Tim was called to the Bar in 2007 and predominantly appears in Crown Courts in London and the South East as well as at the Court of Appeal and Divisional Court.

Tim’s legal experience includes working on capital murder cases in Oklahoma City in the US. His breadth of knowledge and expansive vision coupled with empathy and determination ensures that he secures the best possible outcomes for clients on criminal matters, applications for Judicial Review and criminal as well as civil applications for football banning orders.

Notable cases:


R v AN – Murder – Defendant accused of murdering another in knife attack. Unanimously acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

R v IG – Murder –Led junior in case where defendant accused of killing partner.

R v SE – Murder –Led junior in case where defendant accused of being part of a group knife attack.

Firearms offences

R v RS – Possession firearm with intent to endanger life. The defendant was alleged to have fired shot into residential property at which several people present.

R v TM – Possession firearm with intent to endanger life. Youth found in possession of loaded pistol. Unanimously acquitted after trial.

Arson/criminal damage

R v TS – Arson with intent to endanger life. Defendant accused of starting fire at partner’s property. Found not guilty of arson with intent to endanger life after a successful submission of no case to answer. Unanimously acquitted by jury of the remaining lesser alternative of arson being reckless as to whether life endangered.

Violent offences

R v TB – Conspiracy to Rob – Defendant alleged to have been part of conspiracy to rob involving the use of violence at mobile phone stores. 65 stores were targeted by the gang causing a loss in excess of £1 million.

R v SM – Conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to falsely imprison, conspiracy to blackmail. Defendant alleged to have attacked and kidnapped a drug dealer whilst an attempt was made to extract money from complainant’s family in exchange for his safe release.

R v ST – Attempting to take a child – Defendant alleged to have attempted to abduct a child. Unanimously acquitted.

R v HS – Cruelty to a child – Defendant alleged to have repeatedly assaulted 4 year old child causing extensive injuries. Unanimously acquitted.

R v KC – s.18 Grievous bodily harm with intent. Complainant held down and stabbed multiple times in group attack.

R v SV – Intimidation. Defendant alleged to have forced his way through window of complainant’s home address, causing injury and making threats to ensure they did not give evidence against him in separate proceedings. Unanimously acquitted.

R v JN – GBH s.20 Defendant alleged to have caused fractures to the eye socket and skull of complainant. Assault witnessed by 3 civilian witnesses. Unanimously acquitted.

R v BN – Violent disorder. Defendant alleged to have stabbed co-defendant in the back multiple times outside a restaurant. Unanimously acquitted.

R v MS – Violent disorder – Crown offers no evidence after identification evidence of police officer and civilian excluded after legal argument on first day of trial.

R v JJ – Violent disorder and s47 ABH. Defendant alleged to have taken part in altercation when knife was thrown and hit a 4 year old child in the head. Unanimously acquitted of both offences.

R v Bromley Youth Court – Application for Judicial Review. Successfully challenged decision of Youth Court to commit 14 year old defendant for trial in the Crown Court for an offence of robbery.

Sexual offences

R v SR – Sexual assault. Defendant alleged to have subjected elderly female to prolonged sexual assault. Unanimously acquitted.

R v TS – Sexual assault. The defendant was a fast food delivery driver who was alleged to have sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl when making a delivery. Defendant unanimously acquitted.

R v TP – Attempt to meet a child following grooming. Defendant was subjected to a sting operation undertaken by a vigilante group. The proceedings were subject to a lengthy abuse of process argument. The Crown subsequently offered no evidence.

R v PR – Sexual assault. Defendant employed as Court and police interpreter acquitted of sexually assaulting school girl on bus.

Fraud/ theft

R v GO – Defendant charged with stealing £1.2 million from bank account of father.

R v SO – Possession of false ID documents with intent/fraud – Defendant alleged to have stolen identity of brother and obtained security clearance and a mortgage and claimed benefits.

R v AM – Fraud. Defendant faced seven charges of fraud. The first “oyster card” fraud prosecution after a lengthy investigation by TFL.