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Angela Shaw


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Angela has been a solicitor for 11 years starting as a magistrates’ court advocate, progressing to duty solicitor and qualifying as a crown court advocate in 2009.

Her specialities include file management and advocacy in general crime in both the magistrates’ court and crown court as well as the more serious crimes.

Angela’s caseload has included wide range of offences from simple traffic offences to death by dangerous driving, shop lifting to armed robbery, common assault to murder and benefit fraud to money laundering.


R v D – This was a case of being in possession of a bladed article, namely a barber’s knife. The defendant sited good reason alongside forgetfulness as his defence. The jury accepted his version of events and acquitted him.

R v J (and another) – This was a rape involving one complainant. There were serious questions as to the authenticity of the complainant’s statement.  Enquiries to the Crown and requests for further documentation eventually lead to the crown offering no evidence.

R v H (and others) – This was a 4 handed robbery.  However, during the trial, it transpired that the complainant had given slightly conflicting instructions to the police over the phone and in person.  During robust cross-examination, the complainant decided not to give evidence which lead a successful argument of no case to answer.

R v H – This was a production of cocaine case.  The defendant was known amongst friends as “Escobar”! With all the circumstantial evidence suggesting his guilt, the jury believed the defendants evidence and acquitted him.