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Joanne Lang


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Joanne qualified as a solicitor in 2008 before joining MK Law in 2015. She has spent over 17 years working in criminal defence across the UK, representing clients at the police station, in the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Courts in cases involving terrorism, sexual offences, violence and drugs. She has garnered a reputation for tenacity and determination as well as an unshakable commitment to enabling the most vulnerable members of society to access the highest level of legal representation.

Joanne prides herself on exceptional client care. Her down to earth manner makes her an effective advocate and she is popular with clients who instruct her repeatedly.

Notable cases


R-v-F – S.11 Terrorism Act. Defendant was accused of being a member of a proscribed organisation.


R-v-T & another – Murder. Defendant, a Romanian squatter, alleged to have stabbed the deceased 18 times and beaten him around the face with a crowbar after the deceased listened to music from Hungary rather than his native Romania.

R-v-C – Attempted Murder. Defendant was accused of stabbing his lodger in the back multiple times following an argument at the home address.

R-v-H & Others – Armed Robbery (Operation Arnulf – dubbed “the men in white”). Represented 2 of the 20 defendants charged with robberies of jewellers throughout England in one of the largest prosecutions ever brought by the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad.

R-v-M – Robbery & ABH. Defendant was forensically linked to the robbery and assault on a taxi driver. A successful dismissal application was made in respect of all charges.

R-v-M – Aggravated Burglary. Defendant was alleged to have viciously attacked and tied up and elderly male having broken into his home. Acquitted.

R-v-S – Violent Disorder. Operation Withern. One of the cases concerning the 2011 summer riots.

R-v-P – S18 GBH. Defendant caught on CCTV repeatedly punching and kicking the alleged victim in the street. Defendant unanimously acquitted of s18 GBH at trial.


R-v-P – Bringing an A list article into prison. Defendant pleaded guilty on the day of trial to supplying 76g of cannabis to a prisoner on a social visit. Sentenced to a community order with unpaid work.

R-v-S – Conspiracy to supply class A drugs – Operation Glenlivet. Covert police operation targeting identified traffickers and suppliers of class A drugs into the city of Brighton & Hove. This case concerned the supply of crack cocaine and heroin to an undercover police officer, by a London based cross county drug dealing line.

R-v-E – Conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Allegations of county line drug dealing by a London based line to the counties of Kent and Essex.


R-v-W & Others – Conspiracy to steal. Defendant charged with a sophisticated and largescale conspiracy to steal high value cars. The offence took place over a wide geographical area (including internationally), over 70 homes were burgled, and the total value of the cars was estimated to be in excess of half a million pounds.

R-v-N – Fraud. Defendant charged with the fraudulent use of corporate credit cards issued by her employer, in order to obtain goods to the value of £168,000.

R-v-T – Burglary. Defendant charged with multiple dwelling burglaries. Successful dismissal application on all charges.

R-v-W – Benefit Fraud. Defendant, who had a recognised mental disorder, accused of fraudulently claiming carer’s allowance of £12,000 to the DWP. The case was dismissed after full representations were made to the DWP.

Rape & Sexual Assault

R-v-M – Historic rape and sexual assault case spanning a period of over 30 years, where the defendant was alleged to have abused multiple child victims.

R-v-G – Historic allegations of indecent assault on child victims over 25 years ago.

R-v-N – Indecent images. Defendant was accused of up-skirting females on the London transport system and other locations.

R-v-M – Rape. Defendant was acquitted at trial of all 4 rapes.

R-v-M – Rape and sexual assault of a young child. Defendant was acquitted of all allegations at trial.

Other Offences

R-v-M – Conspiracy to commit criminal damage. Defendant charged with over 30 counts of causing graffiti on trains and the public transport system in the London area and nationwide. Defendant pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence order.

R-v-G – Defendant acquitted of causing death by careless driving.