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Trisha Needham

Trisha Needham


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Trisha Needham joined MK Law in July 2015 as a Paralegal after completing her law degree, a masters degree and the Legal Practice Course. She graduated from Westminster University in 2012 with first class honours – the focus of her undergraduate studies being human rights, equality and Criminal Law. She then continued her studies at the University of London where she studied Criminal Law and Justice at Masters level and for which she received a distinction.

Trisha has chosen to pursue a career in Criminal Law as she is passionate about human rights wants to ensure that her client’s rights are protected and that justice prevails. She particularly deals with young people and vulnerable adults.

Trisha represents client’s at the police station and at hearings in the Magistrates’ Court, as well preparing Crown Court cases for trial.

Trisha has dealt with a wide variety of cases including: serious drugs offences; firearms offences; fraud matters; violent offences and sex cases, as well as dealing with more general matters in the Magistrates’ Court including assaults, harassment, thefts and driving offences.


R v AU: an alleged assault committed by a vulnerable youth in a case home: The Crown offered no evidence at trial.

R v LH: an allegation of wasting police time made against a cancer patient who was suicidal: The Crown discontinued the case after representations were made both in writing and orally in Court that it was not in the public interest to prosecute.

R v FA: an allegation of possession of an offensive weapon made against a youth with mental health issues and behavioural problems: The Crown offered no evidence at trial after three hearings and written representations made to drop the case.

R v JK: an allegation of assaulting a police officer made against a female who was suffering psychosis at the time: Acquitted at trial after instructing a psychiatric expert to assess the client and provide a written report.