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Derek Barry

Derek Barry

Director, Barrister


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Derek Barry is Director and Head of Advocacy at MK Law. He is a respected advocate noted for his clear reasoning, exceptional professional judgement and outstanding client care, honed over 18 years in legal practice.

Derek qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and immediately chose the path of criminal defence. Passionate about advocacy he qualified as a solicitor advocate in 2005 with higher rights in all proceedings before transferring to the Bar and being called by The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn.

Derek is deeply committed to ensuring that every client has access to the best advocacy available. He is acutely aware that the odds are stacked against an individual facing criminal charges and being challenged by the power and resources of the police and Crown Prosecution Service. Derek is relentless in his pursuit of the best defence for his clients, offering them a platform to present their case with confidence and self-determination before the courts. He strives to ensure that no stone is left unturned in his support and protection of his client’s legal rights.

Derek’s experience in the Crown Court spans serious violence; armed robberies; firearm offences; a wide range of drug offences; sexual offences; money laundering and fraud. He has also been led by leading Queen’s Counsel in four murder trials. Derek has appeared on numerous occasions in the Court of Appeal including appeals against sentence and an Attorney-General reference.

Derek’s deep knowledge and broad experience of the law qualifies him to train and lecture in seminars on many areas including criminal law updates, hearsay, bad character and practical advocacy.

As Derek’s practice continues to grow, he persists with his purposeful objective of the staunch defence of those who need it most.

Notable Cases:

R v KM 2019 – Junior counsel in multi handed murder case involving an alleged gang land execution (ongoing)

R v TKA 2019 – Alleged Possession of a loaded firearm. Following a successful application to dismiss on the basis that the DNA evidence was insufficient the case was dismissed.

R v AH 2018 – 6 week terrorist trial alleging the encouragement of terrorism and the dissemination of terrorist material (hung jury).

R v AZ 2018 – Allegation of a gangland stabbing and s18 OAPA. Not Guilty

R v RH 2018 – Possession of a loaded firearm found under the defendant’s pillow. Not Guilty

R v BL 2018 – Possession of a number of loaded firearms and class A drugs found in the flat with the defendant. Successful application to dismiss.

R v DG 2018 – A viable bomb was found in the defendant’s bedroom. Found not guilty of making a bomb with the intent to endanger life.

R v MB 2018 – 3 handed PWITS heroin and crack county lines drug case. Not Guilty.

R v JJ 2018 – Attempted murder. The defendant stabbed his mother over 20 times before locking her in the bathroom and taking her mobile phone.

R v RM 2017 – Defendant was charged with poisoning her husband’s dinner and found not guilty.

R v BS 2017 – Alleged rape of partner’s daughter. Not Guilty.