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Surrey man awarded £2500 for unlawful detention

Our Solicitor, Dan Rubinstein helped a Surrey man who was subjected to an armed police raid on his home in 2022 after a report via health services that he had “threatened” suicide.

He was not formally arrested but was nonetheless handcuffed and detained while police searched his property for an alleged offensive weapon which he immediately handed over. However their search continued. He was taken to hospital against his will.

There was no further action taken against him .

Records confirmed that he had in any event retracted his “threat” since it was madeand there was no evidence of any threat to others .

It was also asserted that the search of his property was irrelevant and excessive.

After proceedings for false imprisonment, assault and trespass and breach of human rights were threatened on his behalf by MK Law, the Surrey Police offered £2500 compensation and costs which was accepted.