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Duncan Burtwell

Case worker

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Duncan Burtwell

Duncan joined MK Law in March 2020, taking cases against the police and other public bodies within the sphere of the criminal justice system.

Duncan has worked in actions against police since 2012 and prior to that within criminal defence. He also pursues discrimination claims on behalf of Traveller clients, where they have been refused service because that particular business discriminates against Travellers.

Typically, cases will involve allegations of wrongful arrest / false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution and will often include claims brought under the Human Rights Act and Equality Act.

Duncan was featured as “lawyer in the news” in the Law Society Gazette in January 2015 following a religious discrimination case brought against HMP Belmarsh on behalf of a criminal defence solicitor refused entry to the prison.

He is also a member of the Police Action Lawyers Group and on the Pro Bono Panel for the Travellers Movement Equality and Social Justice Unit

Some of Duncan’s notable wins & cases