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Jonathan Mellody

Accredited Representative/Prison Law Supervisor/Crown Court Litigator


Jonathan Mellody

Jonathan has been a case manager and accredited police station representative for MK Law since 2010. Passionate in his pursuit of justice, Jonathan leaves no stone unturned in the care of his clients and the defence of their case. He is meticulous in case preparation ensuring all avenues are explored in order to secure the best possible outcomes.

Jonathan guides clients through the complex and often distressing process which begins at the police station and ends at the parole board in the case of conviction. He is studying under CILEx and has a keen eye for defence work and a knowledgeable overview of the workings of the criminal justice system.

As well as an impressive track record in serious crime cases, Jonathan has secured successful acquittals in many prison cases, including possession of mobile phones and drugs.

Notable Cases:

R v R- Successfully defended attempted murder.

R v V – Defended an attempted murder case where the client had mental health issues.

R v T – Defended a GBH with intent matter and had it reduced to S20 GBH (reckless GBH).

R v M – Successfully defended a false allegation of rape.

R v W and others – Acted as litigator for a client accused of trafficking firearms.

R v K – Litigated for a client accused of attempted murder. Successfully argued down to reckless wounding with intent.

R v M – Litigated for a client acquitted of poisoning her husband.

R v VR – Secured an acquittal for possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

R v P – Secured an acquittal in a complex child grooming case.

R v A – Second strike knife case – successfully argued that she should be sentenced under the exceptional ruling and not receive a minimum custodial sentence of 6 months.

R v C – Acted as litigator for client accused of GBH with serious mental health problems. Residence in a secure mental facility was obtained.

R v A – Client charged to appear with £1million worth of ‘Possession with Intent to Supply – Class A – Cocaine’. Application to dismiss was made successfully and charge was dismissed.