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Magistrates Court

As soon as anyone is charged with a criminal offence however minor or serious the case always starts at the Magistrates Court. There will either be a District Judge or two/three magistrates usually referred to as a Lay Bench.

Your case may remain at the Magistrates Court or be transferred immediately to the Crown Court depending on the charge you face, the Court’s view of its seriousness or if you choose to be tried in the Crown Court. Our team of trained and accomplished advocates that practice in the Magistrates Court, conduct standard remand hearings through to trials. Our team are there to represent you and have the expertise and knowledge and presence in Court to leave you feeling assured and comfortable that everything that can be said or done on your behalf is being done.


Most offences at the police station are offences for which you will be questioned having been arrested. If that is the case you are entitled to free advice & representation.

If, however you have been required to attend voluntarily, and if we can prevent an arrest from taking place, you may not be entitled to free advice & representation, but if this the case, we can discuss with you our rates for representing you in these circumstances.

Magistrates Courts in Greater London