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Police Stations Information

Our team of solicitors and police station representatives work 24/7 to ensure that your rights and entitlements at the police station are fiercely protected. You are no longer alone. Whether it is you yourself, a member of your family or a loved one.

We cover all London police stations and have a strong network of approved and fully accredited representatives who we can instruct to act on our behalf for our clients enabling us to provide nationwide cover quickly and efficiently. If you have been contacted by the police or believe that they want to speak with you call us now and we can make further enquiries and can arrange for voluntary attendance at the station and we’ll attend with you.

Funding / Fees:

Most offences at the police station are offences for which you will be questioned having been arrested. If that is the case you are entitled to free advice & representation. If however you are required to attend voluntarily, please call us to discuss our rates for representing you in these circumstances, we may be able to prevent an arrest from taking place.

Police Stations in Greater London