The government gives the police power to use force in certain circumstances, but of course those circumstances are governed and limited by the law. Did police use physical force against you? At the time were the police acting in the execution of their duties? If so, was that force necessary, reasonable or proportionate in the… Read more »

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Breach of Human Rights

There is a lot of nonsense written in the press about the Human Rights Act. Really, all that the Human Rights Act does is this: it makes the European Convention on Human Rights part of UK Law. So if a public service such as the police (or a prison, or a court etc.) breaches one… Read more »

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Disability Discrimination

You may have a disability which leads you to behave in a particular way and it is this which has gotten you into trouble with the police. If the police knew about your disability at the time, or ought to have known about it (for example because of previous dealings you have had with them)… Read more »

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Any public service, including the police, is forbidden by law from acting in a way that discriminates against people because of certain “protected characteristics”. The following characteristics are protected by law under Equality Act 2010: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation. There are… Read more »

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Refusal of Service

You can sue for discrimination if a business refuses to provide you with a service on the basis of a “protected characteristic” such as your ethnicity or sexual orientation. This is an experience familiar to many Travellers. We regularly represent Traveller clients who have been discriminated against in this way. If something like this has… Read more »

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Late release from prison or arrested in error

You can sue for false imprisonment if you were released late from prison. This can happen as a result of: miscalculation of your sentence release date failure to take into account qualifying days on remand / on tag prison slow to respond  after you had been granted bail If you think that you may have… Read more »

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Malicious Prosecution

Were you prosecuted (i.e. did you have to go to court) and were you then acquitted? (i.e. found not guilty) Or was the case dropped? If so, you may have a claim for malicious prosecution and should fill out the form below or give us a call.  Do you consider that the police reasons for… Read more »

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Unlawful Arrest

It is for the police to prove that any detention by them is lawful. If they can’t, then a claim for false imprisonment is successful. If you think that you have been unlawfully arrested please fill out the form below or give us a call   Full name (required) Email address (required) Telephone number (required)… Read more »

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Unlawful Stop & Search or Drug Search

Any stop and search or drug search must be based on actual facts, information or intelligence and not generalisations or stereotypes. There are also important formalities that police must comply with in order for the stop to be lawful. If you think that you may have been stopped and searched unlawfully please fill out the form… Read more »

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