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Breach of Human Rights

There is a lot of nonsense written in the press about the Human Rights Act. Really, all that the Human Rights Act does is this: it makes the European Convention on Human Rights part of UK Law.

So if a public service such as the police (or a prison, or a court etc.) breaches one of your human rights, they may have acted unlawfully and the Human Rights Act allows you to sue them for damages for this.

The main rights that tend to be relevant in my area of law are:

  • Article 2 – the right to life
  • Article 3 – prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment
  • Article 5 – right to liberty
  • Article 6 – right to a fair trial
  • Article 8 – right to private and family life
  • Article 9 – right to freedom of thought / religion
  • Article 11 – right to peaceful assembly 

If you think your human rights have been breached, and you are considering taking legal action, you should act quickly.

There is a time limit of 1 year in which to have the case issued in court.