Highbury Corner Solicitors

MK Law has a Legal Aid contract covering the Highbury Corner area meaning our Criminal Law solicitors are available to help.

Specialists in Criminal Law in Highbury Corner

Our dedicated Criminal Law team will be there to help if:

  • you’ve been asked to come in for an interview at Islington Police Station then MK Law has dedicated Criminal Law lawyers ready to help
  • you’ve got a family member who’s been arrested and taken to Islington Police Station
  • you’ve got a case at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court and need the best possible lawyer to represent you
  • you’re a family member of someone in trouble and need some expert advice

We have a physical office close by in Hackney for those times when you or a family member need to come in to see us. You can call us on 0208 692 2694, email info@mk-law.co.uk or complete the online form below.

Police Stations and Courts in the area

Islington Police Station

2 Tolpuddle Street
N1 0YY

Islington Police Station website

Kentish Town Police Station

10-12A Holmes Road

Kentish Town Police Station website

Finsbury Park Transport Police Station

Finsbury Park
Wells Terrace
N4 3JU

Finsbury Park British Transport Police website

Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

51 Holloway Road
N7 8JA

Tel: 03308 084 407

Corner Magistrates Court website