Service Police Interview

If you are asked to attend any of the below we will arrange representation under the Legal Aid Scheme to attend your interview under caution for free,

  • Military Service police interview
  • Royal Air Force (RAF) police interview
  • Royal Navy police interview
  • Special Investigation Branch police interview

There will be no charge for this advice and we are able to help irrespective of your rank. We will travel anywhere across the UK or indeed worldwide to attend the interview to ensure your interests are properly looked after.

Having expert legal advice at this stage can often prevent the matter escalating any further and speed up the investigation, thus reducing the potential for adverse career implications.

If you are being investigated for Boarding School fees allowance or JPA misuse then it is particularly important that you don’t delay speaking to us.

Your rights if you’ve been asked to attend a service police interview

The Military Police may try to persuade you to take a military lawyer to represent you so that matters can be speeded up. However, you may want the reassurance of knowing you have an independent solicitor with experience in

Military Law to look after your interests. It is your choice, and you can insist that one of our leading Military Law specialists come to look after you.

We have a dedicated Military Law team

Alex Rynn is  one of our skilled Military Law solicitors, equipped with a deep understanding of the military justice system and the nuances of military life. With extensive experience representing clients before the Service Civilian Court, Courts Martial and Summary Appeal Courts, he provides the best legal representation.

Additionally, Alex offers prompt and comprehensive guidance on AGAI 67 actions, Major and Minor Administrative Action, and the Service Complaints procedure. If you are facing disciplinary matters, we encourage you to contact him without hesitation.

To reach Alex, please call or WhatsApp him at 07495 855 122, or email him at