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Known as an “indictable only” offence, Robbery may only be tried in the Crown Court. It is treated as the most serious of the three “dishonesty offences”, with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

MK Law has many years of experience dealing with cases of Robbery and is able to provide a skilled team of lawyers to help with any case you may have.

Robbery is where a person steals and, immediately before or at the time of doing so, uses force on any person, or puts them in fear of force being used against them then and there. This covers a number of situations, the most common being

  • Bank robberies;
  • Street muggings;
  • Car-jacking.

While sentences will differ depending on the circumstances of the offence, the maximum punishment for Robbery is a life term in prison. Due to the number of possible circumstances of the offence, the Court will consult the wide range of Sentencing Guidelines available to arrive at the appropriate sentence.

If you are accused of Robbery, you should seek legal advice immediately.

It is vital that you receive the best advice possible and provide as much detail of the facts of your case as you can to ensure the right result for you.

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