Caution Plus 3

Voluntary attendance at a police station is more commonly referred to as a “Caution Plus 3”. This is because, before being questioned, the police issue the standard caution given in interviews and additionally issue 3 extra parts:

  • You are not under arrest;
  • You are not obliged to remain at the station;
  • You are entitled to free, independent legal advice.

It is important to understand this caution, and the interviewing officer must ensure that the caution is understood in its entirety, including explaining the caution and even repeating it in their own words. If necessary, a language interpreter can also be made available to attend an interview.

Although under a Caution Plus 3 a person is entitled to leave at any time, voluntary attendance can be helpful to any investigation and it is important to ensure legal advice is sought. MK Law is highly experienced in dealing with enquiries of this nature and is on hand to help.

There are options if you feel you may have difficulty understanding this caution. This is whether this is because of your age, learning disabilities, or mental health issues. In this case you have the right to bring along an appropriate adult to the interview with you. This person can help you understand the caution and the proceedings.

I've been called in for a voluntary interview, what should I do?

It’s important to consider that the police’s intention to formally question you on tape typically arises from their suspicion that you might have committed an offence. Therefore it’s important that you have legal representation to help guide you. Call us 24/7 and we’ll make siure there someone there to look after you.