Sexual offences

Allegations of Sexual Offences can have serious consequences on the personal lives of all involved. MK Law has a team of specialist lawyers ready to deal with any case. In general terms it is any sexual act directed against another person, without the consent of that person. This includes instances when the person is unable to give consent.

Historic sex

Recently there has been a huge rise in the number of Historic Sex cases, attracting high levels of publicity. Due to this, there has been a greater call to investigate sexual offences which occurred many years ago.

Indecent images

Indecent image offences cover both the making of indecent images for the purposes of distribution and the possession of indecent images.


As the most serious of the Sexual Offences, Rape is punishable with life imprisonment. The most critical factor in Rape cases is the question of consent.

Sexual Assault

It can be incredibly difficult to face an allegation of a sexual nature. The effects can be life altering, with consequences on your personal and professional life and those of the people around you.

Stalking and Harassment

Stalking and harassment occur when a person engages in persistent behaviour that induces fear, distress, or a sense of threat to another person.