What is Theft?

The act of theft is when a person takes something that belongs to someone else with the intention of permanently depriving them of it. That means theft can be argued if:

  • You feel you have a legal right to take it.
  • You feel the owner would agree to you taking it if they knew about it.
  • You couldn’t find the owner and you’ve taken reasonable steps to do so.

What is the difference between Theft, Robbery & Burglary

In basic terms, robbery is when someone steals from a person using force or makes them think force will be used. Theft is when someone’s property is taken but it does not involve the use of force. Burglary is illegally entering a property to steal property from it.

What are the Sentencing Guidelines for Theft?

Sentencing for Theft will range from between Discharge through to 6 years and this will depend on a number of different criteria including:

  • The prominence of their role.
  • If any coercion, intimidation or exploitation was used.
  • Vulnerability of the victim.
  • Amount of planning required.

What should you do if you’ve been charged for Theft?

If you or a family member are accused of Theft you should seek legal advice immediately. It is vital that you receive the best advice possible and provide as much detail of the facts of your case as you can to ensure the right result for you.