Defendant found not guilty of 2 charges of Theft from employer and 1 charge of burglary

MK Law are pleased to confirm our defendant was acquitted of two charges of theft and one charge of burglary on the grounds of insanity.

Litigator : Terisa Chaudary

Advocate : Sophia Kerridge (5SAH) 

Court: Croydon Crown Court 

Prior to his arrest our client’s mental health had deteriorated following a number of extremely stressful life events. This culminated in an incident at work which led to him being detained. He was subsequently admitted to a psychiatric hospital under section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Once instructed we obtained expert reports to determine if the client had the necessary mens rea to commit the offences. We prepared evidence to show that there was no criminal intent behind his actions. The prosecution formally offered no evidence at a Mention hearing ahead of the trial and our client was formally acquitted.

Client quote via Google reviews

“Thanks to Terisa for the great service, would highly recommend and would definitely use MK Law again.”

Photo by Tobias Tullius