Police Station Services

If you’ve been the victim of Police misconduct you may be able to make a claim against the police. Our trained Action Against the Police solicitors are on hand to help with your claim against the police. Whether it’s police victimisation, assault by a police officer or you’re unlawfully stop and searched our specialist Actions Against the Police team is here to help.


Arrests must follow a number of rules to be legal and legitimate. MK Law has a number of trained lawyers and police station representatives on hand to provide you with detailed advice at the earliest stages.


Interviewing procedure can be lengthy, and tough to deal with. Having someone by your side who understands the entirety of the process can help to ease the experience.

Caution Plus 3

Known as a “Caution Plus 3”, the police may request that a suspect, victim, or witness attends a police station voluntarily for questioning.

Bail to Return

Being bailed at a police station does not mean you are entirely free, but that you must return at another date. It is important to comply with any conditions attached to your bail.

ID Capture

Identification procedures at police stations are often vital tools in criminal investigations, helping to identify an offender, or rule out a suspect.

Released under investigation (RUI)

Being released under investigation means that the police are able to sidestep the new time limits on bail as a Suspect will be released without charge with no obligation to return to the police station whilst the investigation continues.