Road traffic offences

Road traffic offences are criminal offences related to how you drive on the roads. They cover a range of behaviours, from speeding to using a mobile phone while driving).

There is a wide range of outcomes for these types of offences including fines, points on your licence, or, in more serious cases, driving bans and criminal prosecutions.

Dangerous driving

Dangerous Driving is where a person drives on a road or public place and the standard of driving falls so far below the standard expected of a motorist.

Death by dangerous driving

Death by dangerous driving occurs when a person dies as a result of dangerous driving.

Drink and Drug driving

Drink and Drug driving can range from a fine to some form of Community Order, depending on a breath test result. Unless there are special reasons, a driving offence will almost certainly result in a driving ban.


Speeding Offences are becoming more and more common, with the introduction of lower speed limits across high streets and main roads in London.

General Driving offences

These are very wide-ranging and constantly developing. With offences across the spectrum from Failure to Provide Details to Drug Driving.