Client Acquitted on Multiple Charges

We are pleased to confirm that Terisa Chaudary, in collaboration with Nathan Toms from 5SAH, has secured a not guilty verdict for our client. The case involved charges of affray under Section 3 of the Public Order Act 1986 and possession of an offensive weapon under Section 1 of the Prevention of Crime Act 1953.

The Case


In January 2023, at a busy Underground Station, an altercation between defendants escalated into a physical fight in a carriage, resulting in both being arrested. Initially, our client was represented at the police station by a different firm, but after being charged, he chose to switch to MK Law for his private defence.

The Trial


The trial took place at Inner London Crown Court. During the trial, witness statements conflicted on who possessed the weapon, and forensic analysis of the screwdriver was inconclusive. There was also no clear evidence indicating who the aggressor was.

During cross-examination, the co-defendant stated that he could not remember most questions and admitted that the wound he sustained occurred before any weapon was produced.


After deliberation, the jury returned with not guilty verdicts on all counts.


Photo by Viktor Forgacs™️

Train carriage