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Indecent Assault

Indecent assault is a wide ranging term covering a number of different possible circumstances. It is important to seek professional legal advice from the outset and at MK Law we house a sensitive, skilled and committed team to ensure the best service for you.

Indecent assault charges can include a kiss on the cheek or inappropriately touching someone over or under their clothes. In some cases, the most basic of physical contact could amount to an indecent assault where there has been no consent and depending on the circumstances of the case.

It is necessary to prove that the assault was both intentional and sexual. An act may be deemed sexual if it is, because of its nature, sexual, or even if it may be sexual and in the circumstances it was. This is a question which will be left to the jury to decide.

A number of factors will affect the seriousness of the case at hand, including the age of both of the parties, if there has been an abuse of trust and whether it is an isolated event or part of a series.

If you are accused of Indecent Assault, you should seek legal advice immediately.

It is vital that you receive the best advice possible and provide as much detail of the facts of your case as you can to ensure the right result for you.

MK Law is on hand to help you through all stages of the process.

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