Successful acquittal of driving charges

We are delighted to announce that we have secured an acquittal for our client on charges of driving without due care, failing to stop, and failing to report an accident. While some may perceive these charges as relatively minor, the implications for our client were profound.

Our client, currently pursuing a career in medicine, faced potentially serious repercussions if convicted. However, more than just the impact on his career when Lily Purchase initially took on the case, she sensed something was amiss. From the outset, she had an immense passion and determination to ensure justice prevailed.

Details of the incident

It was alleged that our client intentionally hit a pedestrian, accelerating before the collision. In reality, the pedestrian emerged from between parked cars, catching our client by surprise. Our client immediately stopped and checked on the pedestrian’s well-being. However, the pedestrian reacted aggressively, attacking our client’s car and hurling abuse. Feeling shaken and concerned for his passengers’ safety, our client drove away.

Shortly afterward, police pulled him over and handcuffed him which seemed a little excessive. At that moment our client wasn’t even sure why he’d been stopped. After the officer explained he’d been stopped because of the incident our client told the officer that the reason he’d left is because the pedestrian was clearly OK and was acting aggressively and hitting his car. He was released at the roadside and told that he would receive a letter in the post. When it arrived it said he was being charged with driving without due care, failing to stop and failing to surrender and asked to attend Bromley Magistrates Court.

Proceedings at court

Lily instructed one of our solicitors Samantha Gilmour to represent our client at court. She immediately took to the task of getting the failing to stop and failing to surrender charges dropped. Her expert legal knowledge and persuasive arguments succeeded leaving only the Driving without due care charge to defend.

Lily obtained character witnesses from our client’s lecturer and family members, highlighting his dedication and suitability for a career in medicine. His lecturer attested to the rigorous tests involved in medical school admissions, emphasising our client’s care and compassion.

Sam then also argued on the legal aspects of the case. The pedestrian had walked from behind parked cars and therefore he hadn’t been driving without care. He had in fact been driving in a normal manner which would have been expected by any driver.

We’re pleased to say that our client was therefore acquitted of all charges and can now continue to pursue his medical career without this threat hanging over him. This case exemplifies the dedication and commitment that Lily and Samantha consistently demonstrate in serving their clients’ best interests.

A 5 star Google review

“I’d like to say a huge heartfelt thank you for the MK Law team, especially Lily Purchase and Samantha Gilmour! Two talented individuals I must say!

Honestly I felt all alone and stranded when I got the letter from court for driving related offences. That’s when I reached out to MK law, and Lily was assigned to work on my case.

Her effort was beyond my expectation and she was always a pillar of support whenever I was unsure about anything or needed advice on case proceedings. I can surely say that if you’ve got Lily as your solicitor you’re in good hands!

Samantha Gilmour, what a wonderful lawyer! Her confidence and presence in the court room is unmatched! She speaks with clarity and was very clear and concise in her decisions and explanation of the proceedings. I’m greatly pleased with her representation at court!”

Photo by Jack Lucas Smith