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Service Police Interviews

If you are requested to attend an interview with the Royal Military Police, the Royal Air Force Police, the Royal Navy Police or the Special Investigation Branch then please do not hesitate to contact Alex Rynn on 07495855122. He is available 24 hours per day so please do not hesitate to ring or text him, as time may well be of the essence.

We will arrange representation under the Legal Aid Scheme to attend your interview under caution for free, irrespective of your rank. There will be no charge for this advice and we are able to travel to the interview to ensure your interests are properly looked after.

Having expert legal advice at this stage can often prevent the matter escalating any further and speed up the investigation, thus reducing the potential for adverse career implications.

If you are being investigated for Boarding School fees allowance or JPA misuse then it is particularly important that you don’t delay speaking to Alex