Positive outcome of Police Misconduct Meeting

The Actions Against the Police Team are pleased to confirm the outcome of a Met Police investigation of misconduct at a meeting on 10th June 2024.

On 6th July 2022, our client was detained by police in New Addington following his driving past them on a scooter and staring at them. This was apparently enough in the officer’s mind to justify a drug search. He then sought to undertake the search but failed to give the grounds for the search, and the officer’s use of force in seeking to execute the search in this unlawful manner resulted in a predictable escalation, involving multiple officers and various members of our client’s family, including his 14 year old sister. The police then arrested all four of the family members.

At the misconduct meeting the police made a finding that the officer did not have reasonable grounds for the search (thereby rendering the search unlawful) and had failed to give the grounds, as he is required to do under s2 Police and Criminal Evidence Act (thereby further rendering the search unlawful). However, there was no formal finding of misconduct, with the officer being directed to “reflect” on his practice.

The entire incident remains the subject of a review by IOPC after which it is anticipated that a legal claim will be pursued on behalf of the entire family.