Private paying client keeps driving license

Harry Martin has represented a private client in what was a relatively simple speeding case, but which had the potential to cost someone his licence.
Our client had travelled 47mph in a 20 zone, and was therefore subject to a mandatory 6 penalty points. However, he was also facing trial in July for using a mobile phone while driving, which too carries a mandatory minimum of 6 points. If convicted, he would then have 12 points and would receive a 6-month disqualification for totting up.
Despite only being instructed on the morning of the hearing, we were able to persuade the bench that special reasons did exist justifying only endorsing his licence with 3 points rather than 6. In his case, we provided medical evidence and sworn testimony that he was speeding only in order to come to the aide of his elderly mother, who had fallen and injured herself.
As a result, whatever the outcome of his mobile phone trial in July, he is no longer at risk of losing his licence.