Successful reduction in benefit of crime proceedings

Mr. DW faced a conviction and subsequent six-year prison sentence for possession of cocaine with intent to supply. His arrest occurred at a property where a substantial quantity of cocaine and associated paraphernalia were discovered. This then linked him to drug distribution activities.

The Crown Prosecution Service initiated proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act, seeking to reclaim a substantial sum totalling £132,746.41. This purportedly represented Mr. DW’s illicit gains from supplying drugs. Nadia Ryman took on the case and seeking expert legal assistance engaged Rebecca Thomas from 5 St Andrews Hill Chambers (5SAH) to mount a defence aimed at mitigating some of this financial liability.

Successful argument of benefit gained

Through meticulous investigation and strategic advocacy, we successfully argued against the prosecution’s assertions. Notably, we disproved claims of unidentified income. We demonstrated that these funds were, in fact, legitimate earnings from Mr. DW’s employment through reputable agencies. The COVID-19 pandemic posed some challenges as some of the recruitment agencies he used had closed down. However thorough searches conducted via Companies House we confirmed the operational status of these agencies and Mr. DW’s lawful employment status.

As a result of our efforts, Mr. DW’s final benefit liability was significantly reduced from £132,146 to £34,848. That’s a saving of nearly £100,000. Mr DW was obviously delighted with the outcome and left this review for Nadia on

Review Solicitors quote

Mr DW was obviously delighted with the successful outcome and left this review for Nadia on Review Solictors website

“I have been represented by MK law and my solicitor Nadia Ryman who has been extremely helpful with dealing with my case for just under two years.

She has been transparent at every given moment and has always given me the best legal advice to approach my case. Nadia is always a phone call away if I had any concerns. The list goes on and they are all positives.

I would highly recommend using Nadia and the MK firm law again. Hopefully this won’t be the case, but in the back of my mind, I know that I have a great solicitor and defence team/ law firm if I needed them. 10/10”