Emma Lewis

Director / Barrister

Emma Lewis

Director / Barrister

Emma Lewis joined in July 2019 having been called to the bar in 2016 and completing pupillage in 2018. Although regularly in the Crown Court, Emma’s passion has always been at the grass root level. Assisting clients from the moment they are arrested.

Emma Lewis – biography

Emma possesses a steadfast passion for defence, especially in the realms of youth and gang intervention, where she has cultivated a strong clientele. Her focus primarily centres on representing underprivileged young men. She collaborates closely with external organisations to ensure ongoing support for her clients long after their cases are resolved. This commitment has proven increasingly vital. Particularly given the surge in National Referral Mechanism (NRM) referrals and cases involving Modern Slavery defences.

Despite being younger than most of her co-counsel Emma has a ferocious nature to advocacy. She will not shy away from difficult submissions or standing up for what she feels is right. Her rigour means that she is a go-to advocate for difficult bail applications or sentencing.

Becoming a Director

To ensure that her clients’ defence is well tested and supported by evidence Emma is very detailed in her case preparation. She’ll often utilise wide-ranging expert reports. She has been able to build a large client base across London and greater London which is due to her client care and high acquittal rate. Emma will happily take calls from the police station and will be the first point of contact.

Due to her unwavering dedication and commitment to both her clients and MK Law, Emma was appointed as a Director. She looks after the Hackney office.

Emma Lewis
Director / Barrister
07483 034 292
Solicitor since: 2016
With MK Law since: Jul 2019


Just some of Emma’s reviews

Some of Emma’s notable cases

Snaresbrook Crown Court – Section 18 GBH x 2 – defendant charged with Section 18 GBH relating to an incident where co-defendants had attempted to murder the defendant – on 3rd day of trial crown agree to a plea of Section 20 entered prior to trial starting – R v S

Central Criminal Court, Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent, GBH – defendant acquitted following 6 week trial of all charges relating to numerous shootings across Hackney and East London – R v O

Bristol Crown Court – Murder – Defendant entered a guilty plea to murder after no defence raised from numerous psychiatric reports – R v L

Snaresbrook Crown Court, Client charged with bringing illicit substances (drugs, phones, chargers) into the Dock at court when being sentenced with another matter. Successful defence of exploitation  and found Not Guilty after crown offered no evidence on the day of trial – R v S

Bournemouth Crown Court. Jury return not guilty verdicts to two counts of PWITS class A drugs (County lines). The defence obtained a large amount of evidence that client was a victim of modern slavery. The case started in 2018 and numerous requests for a review of the case had been unsuccessful. The jury returned the not guilty verdicts in a matter of hours – R v Y

Basildon Crown Court – Blackmail, Kidnap, GBH – Not Guilty after trial. Unanimous acquittal on all charges after three week trial. Defence of mistaken identification – R v N

Maidstone Crown Court – Perverting the Course of Justice linked to murder – Guilty after 3 month trial – R v T

Bristol Crown Court – Murder – Defendant entered a guilty plea to murder after no defence raised from numerous psychiatric reports – R v L

Snaresbrook Crown Court, Section 18 GBH x 4, PWITS x 2 -defendant charged with stabbing 4 males and then whilst on bail committing drugs offences – R v E