The criminal justice system working in a child neglect case

There are rarely any winners in child neglect cases and the circumstances are always extremely emotive and sensitive. We recently took a case where a toddler was found on a busy road in the middle of the day.


Many may react with despair upon hearing such headlines. However, we represented our client at the police station, and the story is not as straightforward as it initially appears. At the time of the incident, our client, an expectant mother, was struggling financially. She was raising her two-year-old alone, as her abusive ex-partner was offering no financial after they separated due to his domestic violence. In desperation she had left her child home alone to take on a one-hour cleaning job.

The case goes to court

Understandably, our client’s actions were still deemed irresponsible, but it’s important to recognise the desperate circumstances she faced. She understood this and showed immense remorse and guilt for her actions. Mia Twomey provided care and support to our client, while Samantha Gilmour and Sarah Wilson represented her at various hearings.


Since the incident, our client has been residing in a child and mother care unit. This facility provides support tailored to the needs of mothers and children in challenging situations. Without proper representation, our client could have faced a custodial sentence of 1-2 years. However, thanks to the efforts of Harry Martin at Bromley Mags Court and the mitigation provided, she received a 12-month conditional discharge from the judge.


Our client left a review on Google Reviews, expressing gratitude for our sensitive approach in achieving the right outcome. We sincerely wish our client and her children a positive future, and we are genuinely pleased to have been able to assist them.


Client A

“Many thanks to MK Law solicitors and especially to Mia Twomey, Mia was the driving force in preparing my case at court and throughout was professional, sympathetic and really took her time to understand my circumstances. Along with being represented by Samantha, Sarah and Harry I cannot thank MK Law enough for getting me the best outcome possible.

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič