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Crown Court

Crown Court judges preside over Crown Court proceedings and will deal with all preliminary hearings and sentencing. If however you are facing a trial you will be tried by a Judge and Jury, the Jury being 12 randomly selected people, usually from the borough or neighbouring borough of the Court that you are in.

Cases that are too serious to be dealt with in the Magistrates Court are transferred to the Crown Court. Depending on what you have been charged with, you may have been given a choice as to where your trial is to take place, in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.

MK Law has a strong team Advocates made up of Higher Court Advocates and Barristers, that are able to provide you with the best representation at the Crown Court.

We also work with a large network of independent barristers Country wide who we do instruct in certain cases.

Funding in the Crown Court

Legal Aid is available in the Crown Court and is based on your means/income. You may receive legal aid but may need to pay a contribution. For more information regarding public funding & your eligibility go to the funding page and the link to the LSC or contact us directly in order to discuss our fees if you wish to pay for our services.

Crown Courts in Greater London