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Case discontinued for defendant with mental health issues

P W was charged with three counts ‘Assault on an Emergency Worker – Police’. The facts of the case are that P W suffering with a panic attack at home and London Ambulance Service came to treat him. He was advised to go the hospital but did not wish to go so picked up a spoon which he broke in half and threatened the paramedic. Police attended and arrested P W and at this stage he spat at two officers and kicked one in the shin.

P W suffered from severe mental health issues and learning difficulties. In reports obtained by the Defence it was clear he had the mental age of an eight year old and required round the clock care from a support team.

P W appeared at Bromley Magistrates Court and Crown Court Trial was elected so his mental health issues could be properly addressed. Prior to the Plea and Case Management Hearing Mr. Mellody made written submissions to the Prosecution that this case was clearly not in the public interest to proceed based on P W’s personal circumstances. Mr. Mellody obtained further reports to bolster this argument and after speaking with the Crown Prosecutor it was decided that they would discontinue the case.