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Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue

MK Law are acting for a Defendant charged with ‘Conspiracy to Cheat the Public Revenue’, contrary to section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

The case concerns fraudulent claims submitted to the Redundancy Payment Service (“RPS”) in relation to eleven different businesses. Four Defendants operated three accountancy businesses and when these businesses entered into the insolvency process, they are alleged to have used them to make fraudulent claims  to the RPS then obtain a benefit. They are further alleged to have used their positions as accounts for eight third party businesses to make further fraudulent claims when they became insolvent.

133 RPS claims were made in connection with the eleven businesses totaling £1,059,239.39. Intermingled with genuine claims were fraudulent claims with at least £555,701.97 which were allegedly paid into accounts under the Defendant’s control.

The Defendant denies any knowledge of the fraudulent claims and states that any claims they made were legitimate.

The case continues.

Lawyer for the matter; Jonathan Mellody

Advocate for the matter; Derek Barry